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Agra Turf is located in Searcy, Arkansas, which is one hour north and east of Little Rock, Arkansas on highway 67/167. We service accounts in 11 states from our centrally located warehouse and have a dedicated sales staff to help you with your every need. Our sales staff has almost 200 years combined experience to help you deal with turfgrass problems on golf courses, sports fields, lawncare situations - you name it, if you grow or deal with turfgrass, we have the solution for you.

Agra Turf was established in 1972 by Ron Fisher and sons and has grown into a well respected, regional distributor of fertilizer, pesticides, golf course accessories, safety equipment - pretty much if it pertains to turf and ornamentals, we have it. As a family run business, we put an emphasis on the customer and the specific needs of that customer and treat them like family also. Our dedication to customer service has been a key to our success for many years.  

Agra Turf is a mainline distributor for all of the major turf chemical and fertilizer companies -Syngenta, BASF, Bayer, Andersons, Lebanon, Howard Johnson Inc., Dow Agro Sciences, Par Aide, Standard Golf, PBI Gordons, Monsanto, Nu Farm, Cleary's Chemical Co., Gandy Equipment, Turface Products, Clinolte, Dakota Peat, Roots Inc, Grigg Brothers, Nature Safe, Seed Research of Oregon and much, much more.

Ron Fisher, Corporate Officer

Rodney Fisher, Corporate Officer

Mike Mathis, Warehouse/Transportation Manager

Randy Howard, Sales S. Arkansas, Louisiana

Butch Pugh, Sales W. Tennessee, Mississippi, N. Alabama

Jeff Klein, Sales N. & NE Arkansas, SE. Missouri

RT Rollins, Sales W & NW. Arkansas, SW Missouri, Oklahoma

Ryan Fisher, Erosion Control Specialist

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